About us

Our story

DONART FILM Ltd. was established as a new company after several merged entities. The aim is to create a leading film and entertainment company operating in Central and Eastern Europe. Our priority is to make movies. And also the production of films intended for the distribution of cinemas. We currently produce or finance the most projects in the Czech Republic.

And as usual, there was a lot of learning in the beginning. And when we understood everything that belongs to filmmaking (when we looked at it from more experienced ones), the result of this work was a co-production of Řachanda - a fairy tale that attracts millions of viewers to television every Christmas.

Shortly after the premiere of Řachanda, we made Pepa, much more serious movie with actor Michal Suchánek. This film won the main prize at the Svoboda festival in Rostov-on-Don and other awards for the best film. Michal has been awarded for his leading role at other festivals (including the Sunrise Festival) and now viewers can watch Pepa on Netflix. The film Prize for Happiness is proud of its participation in more than twenty international festivals and several awards from Nazareth to Minsk.

Since 2019 we have been producing films and documentaries intended mainly for international audiences. In 2020 (we will specify the date soon) we will have the premiere of the feature film Promlčeno (Statute of Limitation), in which Karel Roden will play the main role and thanks to which we want to open a social discussion on the topic of criminal monuments – especially obsolete murders.

With the support of the largest dog organizations in the world we are shooting the documentary Royal Dogs. These are the most attractive stories of the royal courts which influenced the coexistence of man and dog. In the end we find ourselves in the present. We face pressing problems – especially with regard to the influence of social networks on the mass purchase of dogs.

We are also preparing a feature film on the topic of the refugee crisis. And one cannot miss the documentary on modern art with the ruler of Malaysia and the Sultan of Oman.

We also create our own videos, work on advertising campaigns and support beginning filmmakers. We also participate in the production of the series, we help foreign production with placement, we provide financing for imaginative projects and we run a casting agency.